We are Welll CBD, the pure CBD oil providers. Our products contain only natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Our production techniques follow the best processes. Our testing and quality control is second to none.

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Lab tested for safety

We use the most stringent lab testing processes to ensure only safe, quality products reach our consumers. Testing is performed using state of the art HPLC lab equipment. In addition to this we have our products retested at third party government accredited labs which are EN ISO/IEC 17025 compliant.

Pure CBD Oil

Welll CBD offers pure CBD extracts. We use supercritical CO2 extraction on only EU certified industrial hemp strains. This means our products contain only the cleanest, most potent pure CBD oil

Only Organic Superior Grade A Hemp

Our hemp strains are natural. We use our own organically grown hemp to ensure our products are 100% organic and non-GMO. We also test to ensure our products are free from harmful additives, pesticides and heavy metals.

Vegan Friendly

Our CBD products are 100% free of animal derived ingredients. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Gluten Free

If you are gluten intolerant, follow a gluten free diet or suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivity then our products are suitable for you.

Our Values


From the outset our ethos has been to bring the purest possible CBD products to our customers. We believe purity is an integral part of obtaining the most benefit from CBD. We ensure purity plays a vital role in every step of our production. From the soil used to grow our hemp to our extraction and packaging facility, every aspect is monitored to ensure the highest of standards.


We ensure the quality of our products through supercritical CO2 extraction. This process involves using carbon dioxide under high pressure in an extremely cold environment. This process requires extremely expensive equipment and skilled individuals with production expertise, but ensures our CBD Oil maintains the highest quality.


With many unscrupulous CBD oil producers and resellers in the market we believe transparency is key. We operate as a UK Limited Company with our own production facility based in the Netherlands. We do not outsource our CBD oil production process nor buy inferior products for resale. All of our products are fully certified.


Our core value is to promote healthy living. This is reflected by the purity and quality of all of our products. Our team are experts in their field and we take our products very seriously. If you have any questions about how CBD oil and other CBD products can help you achieve your health goals then please do get in touch.

Can I Take CBD While I’m Pregnant?

It’s best not to consume CBD while you are pregnant, if you’re trying to become pregnant, or if you’re breastfeeding. There have been no long term studies about how CBD might pass through the placenta or interact with your unborn baby.

Does CBD Work With Prescribed Medications

If you have ongoing health conditions or you currently take any prescription medications, you’ll always want to consult your GP before you take any kind of health supplement, including CBD. It may be safe to take with your medication, but your GP will need to look at the details of the medication you currently use to ensure it is safe.

Does the CBD in Hemp Oil Make You High?

Our hemp oil contains a compound called CBD, and it is not something that typically makes people feel high. Many people have said it helps them to relax or, in higher doses, you may feel the same effects you feel with caffeine. In all cases, though, the goal is to help you move forward with your active life, and CBD Hemp Oil can help you do just that.

Is CBD Right for My Health Condition?

Our CBD Hemp Oil is a health supplement. We don’t make any claims about whether or not it can treat a health condition. In fact, if you have ongoing serious health conditions that you’re already under the care of a doctor for, it’s best to chat with your GP or physician to make sure that this is the right way forward. If you have questions or you’d like to learn more about what it can do for you, it’s best to turn to trusted sources to learn about how CBD oil, hemp, and other similar products might affect you. You can turn to educational sites like http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed to learn more or www.projectcbd.org.

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay Good?

The potency of CBD depends on how it is stored. After you open it, you should store it in your refrigerator. If you choose to store it in a place that has direct sunlight or in a place that gets warm routinely, it may not be as potent as it was when you first opened it. Our CBD oil, however, does not expire. It just becomes less powerful over time.

When Should I Take CBD?

There is no particular time that CBD might work best for you. Some find it helps them wake up in the morning and go about their day. Others find it helps them relax and let go of the day as they wind down in the evening. You have to decide what dosing strategy works best for your body.