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CBD Hemp Oils -
A Phenomenal Dietary Supplement

Many people are beginning to hear the buzz about CBD and some of the many products it is in like CBD hemp oil. Maybe you’ve heard just how powerful CBD can be, but if you’ve never used these products before, you might be a bit confused as to what they can do for you. This guide may help.

Understanding CBD

CBD is really cannabidiol (sometimes abbreviated as CBD). It’s one of hemp’s many basic ingredients. Completely non-psychoactive, it can be used to support your overall healthy lifestyle. All of our CBD products, including our hemp oil, contain both the CBD itself as well as vitamins and all natural phytonutrients.

Behind the Scenes

Wondering how our CBD products are made? We use the best organically grown European hemp plants from suppliers who are committed to the entire production process. Our farmers control the entire life of their crops from the moment those seeds are planted until they reach our shelves. We’re committed to a high quality, pure product, and the fact that we only use suppliers who can do that demonstrates that commitment.

The oil itself relies on the often discussed supercritical CO2 extraction method from whole plant CBD because it’s the best way to care for every element found in the hemp. This method means creating a more natural balance between the CBD itself and the terpenoids and flavonoids in the plant.

A Note About Natural Whole Plant CBD

Whole plant CBD, which you may have heard about, is actually derived from Cannabis Sativa. There are a number of ingredients inside, including minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. All of these things work together to give the plant some healing characteristics. The CBD inside can be derived in a number of ways, including through the CO2 extraction process which helps to preserve the original form of the plant.

How is CBD Hemp Oil Different?

Standard hemp seed oil is cold pressed and has only trace readings of CBD in the final product. Our CBD Hemp Oil, though, uses both the flowers and stems of agriculturally grown hemp. The properties that are so powerful come from the fact that we ensure the Cannabidol is part of the oil creation process, so you get the medicinal properties so many have found helpful. Many companies offer hemp oil with CBD in it. We’re offering you completely different. CBD Hemp Oil contains a concentrated CBD extract that means powerful results. Before you make any purchase, look at the CBD content of the product you’re considering. If the number of milligrams of CBD concentrate per bottle isn’t involved, it’s possible you’re just getting a tiny fraction of what could be an incredibly helpful option.

How Can You Be Sure You’re Getting High Quality CBD Products?

With so many products out there, you need to make sure you’re getting only the best when you order. Start by always checking the concentration. Many retailers use different levels to describe how much CBD is in their products, so when you buy, check the cannabidiol levels per dose. The higher the concentration, the better the benefits. Read the reviews, and make sure you’re selecting the right product. CBD skin cream, for example, is better for some than CBD oil.

The Effects and Benefits!

Why is everyone so excited about CBD? Most people will give you a variety of different reasons.

First, it’s important to note that our CBD products are only a health supplement. As a result, we can’t make any direct health claims. Many other spaces, though, do offer you a peek at the benefits involved. Check out www.projectcbd.org to get a solid list of potential benefits you might experience.

Second, it’s important to note the effects of CBD. If you are concerned about how CBD may affect you, visit a trusted online resource like http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed. It has a direct impact on your endocannabinoid system. That system regulates your immune system, your nervous system, your reproductive organs, how you understand and respond to pain, your ability to sleep, how you regulate your body temperature, your memory, your appetite, and even how you respond to stress! Learn more about how that works at the link above.

Finally, talk to someone who has used CBD products in the past. What convinced them?

Ready to Order? It’s Simple!

All of our CBD products can be ordered on our website. We offer global shipping. CBD is legal throughout the world, but check with your local customs regulations before you make a purchase or just give us a call. We’ll be happy to chat more about it. In the UK, it’s important to buy from direct suppliers to this country, so be sure you’re working with a company like ours.

Looking to buy CBD products but you need a bit more help? Check out our complete guide for you right now!

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