CBD Capsules/Tablets

There are a number of reasons people turn to CBD capsules each day. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it might help to understand the terminology a bit. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s one of the many chemical compounds that are found in the cannabis sativa plant. For decades, people have been taking CBD because it offers a number of potential health benefits, and today, the CBD market has exploded. There are now a number of different ways to ingest this compound. One of them is by taking CBD capsules.

CBD capsules are available in a number of different strengths, and they’re easy to use, and completely portable. Still have questions? Here are a few of the most frequently asked ones.

What are the Potential Benefits?

Not everyone experiences the same level of benefits from CBD, and there is quite a bit of research into how CBD works and what its benefits might be. Every day, though, there’s someone else who realizes just how powerful CBD can be and how it can help with all kinds of problems. One of the most common ways people use CBD is to treat anxiety. Many believe CBD can change the way your brain processes serotonin, which affects your mental health. That can lead to less anxiety overall. Some also use it for the relief of chronic pain. Just as CBD can affect your brain’s anxiety receptors, it has been reported to be able to affect your brain’s pain receptors as well. Some have found relief from chronic pain as a whole, as well as arthritis and even daily muscle pain. Some have even found great secondary benefits like clearer skin and better sleep.

How Do CBD Capsules Work?

It’s important to remember that CBD capsules do take a bit more time to work. You swallow these tablets, so they have to work their way through your digestive system before they can provide you any real results. They break down over a fairly long period of time, and it may take a bit of extra time to notice the real difference CBD can make in your body.

Can CBD Tablets Get You High?

Just like CBD oil can’t get you high, CBD tablets can’t achieve that feat either. They’re don’t contain any THC, the compound that achieves that effect, because they’re derived from some of Europe’s best industrial hemp.

How are CBD Capsules Different from Oil?

CBD tablets actually aren’t all that different from CBD oil. They have the same potential benefits, but they’re incredibly convenient. After all, if you’re out and about, it can be much easier to tote around CBD tablets than oil, and it’s certainly easier to take them. More than that, though, they make the dosing process a fairly easy one. Using oil may mean you get too little or even too much CBD, but using the CBD tablets, you’re going to get the exact same amount every time.

What do They Taste Like?

One thing that often turns many people away from using CBD in oil form is the taste. It tends to have a deep earthy taste, and while some people really enjoy that feature, others simply can’t deal with it. One of the benefits of using CBD tablets, though, is the fact that you’ll never have to taste the oil itself. Instead, with one simple swallow, you’ve ingested the CBD you want without the earthy taste most of the oils carry.

What’s the Difference between the Hemp Extract in Different CBD Capsules?

There are three main types of hemp extract. The first is CBD isolate. The second is broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is the third. Isolate is made only with the CBD oil. No other plant compounds are included. Broad-spectrum contains added plant parts, but there’s still no THC in this type. Full-spectrum CBD, though, uses an entire range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp plant parts. Full spectrum CBD is the best option because when multiple components of cannabis work together, you get the added benefits. Full-spectrum CBD means you get instant access to phytocannabinoids like CBD, as well as flavonoids, and terpenes. Maximizing your benefits typically means accessing CBD capsules that are full-spectrum in nature.

How are CBD Tablets Tested?

Many companies quote lab results as evidence that they’re offering the best product on the market today, but you want lab test results that really matter. First, make sure they have been sent from a third party lab. Look for something that offers you a Certificate of Analysis (sometimes called a COA). You’ll also want to look for lab test results that include three primary factors: safety, quality, and purity. Often CBD capsule makers will quote one or the other, but you want to look for a product that quotes all three to get the best options on the market today.

Is European Hemp Better Than Other Options?

Make certain you shop for CBD tablets that use the best possible hemp at the base of the product. Europe grows some of the best agricultural hemp available today, and you want something that has real oversight and transparent sourcing information so you can be sure you’re getting a great product at the base of every CBD tablet you take.

Why Take CBD Capsules?

CBD can be a powerful option, and taking CBD capsules means you get the right dose every time. Whether you’re on the go or you just don’t love the idea of CBD oil, CBD tablets might be the way forward for you.

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