Does CBD Oil Expire?

Investing in a bottle of CBD oil is a great way to add a high-quality supplement to your daily life. However, that can be costly too, so you want to make sure that you use every drop you purchase.

That’s why it’s essential to ask the question, “How long does opened hemp oil last? And what is CBD tincture shelf life, in general?”

Learning about the longevity of CBD oil will also help you to choose which type to buy in the first place. Therefore, let’s discuss can hemp oil go bad and what you can do to guarantee you’ll make the most of your current stock.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

When you purchase a bottle of CBD oil, the label must have an expiration date prominently visible. The expiration date might vary to a degree, but CBD oil tincture shelf life is between 14 and 24 months. This will, however, depend on how the product is stored.

Heat and direct sunlight are the two most important factors that will determine the rate at which the oil will officially expire.

Another important factor in how long does CBD last is which extraction method was used to produce the oil. The CO2 extraction process is superior because it ensures the stability of cannabis compounds, which in return allows for a longer shelf life.

Can Hemp Oil Go Bad?

Hemp oil does expire, but it doesn’t mean it goes bad in the literal sense of the word. CBD oil won’t turn rancid or spoil in the same way, for example, milk will.

However, it will lose its potency over time, especially if you still use it long after its expiration date. Once it expires, the chemical compounds in CBD will break down and it will no longer function the way it’s supposed to.

How Can You Determine That CBD Oil Expired?

If the expiration date on your CBD oil bottle is missing or it was smudged, ripped, or something like that, you might wonder how you can tell if the oil has gone bad?

Even though CBD oil doesn’t spoil as some products do, it still goes through specific changes. One of the first signs that your CBD has gone bad is that the taste changes from its signature earthy taste to a somewhat musty or skunky one.

You might also notice that the oil isn’t as clear as it was and there’s a certain amount of cloudiness involved. Another change to watch out for is the texture.

Fresh CBD oil should be smooth and not too thick in its consistency. Finally, if you also notice a colour change, that’s a sign that your CBD oil is losing its potency.

How long does hemp oil take to work? The answer is anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours, depending on the quality of the product and your reaction to it. So, if you realise that after several hours you don’t feel anything, perhaps your CBD oil has expired.

Can Expired CBD Oil Make You Sick?

Sometimes you might not immediately notice the changes in colour, texture, or taste of old CBD oil. Perhaps you’ll take a few drops daily before you realise that something seems off. In such a case, it is natural to worry about whether old CBD oil will make you sick. However, the answer is that that’s unlikely.

The worst you can expect is a feeling of disappointment due to its benefits being reduced.

How to Store Hemp Oil?

The first clue regarding how to correctly store CBD oil lies in its original package. All hemp oil manufacturers know that the oil needs to be stored in glass bottles, usually in tinted green.

This particular type of glass is excellent at preventing the sunlight from penetrating and damaging the chemical compounds of the hemp oil. So, make sure that the CBD oil you’re purchasing comes in such packaging.

There’s no need to refrigerate CBD oil to ensure it will last longer. A cool, dark place ranging around 15-20°C creates optimal conditions for storing CBD oil.

Ways to Make CBD Oil Last Longer

Knowing how to store hemp oil will ensure you maximise the expected expiration date of your tincture. But there are other things you can do as well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Choose the Manufacturer Carefully

There are many brands on the market today selling hemp oil, and they don’t all care about creating the best product. Doing extensive research on this subject means you’re more likely to choose a brand that offers CBD that will last two full years.

Don’t Open the Bottle Too Often

Apart from when you’re using it, it’s best to not open the bottle of CBD oil. Oxidation will undoubtedly impact on the longevity of the oil. For the same reason, make sure to reseal the bottle cap tightly after use too.

Keep It Away from the Heat

We’ve already established that sunlight is not good for CBD, but just because you’ve stored it in a dark place, it doesn’t mean that’s enough.

Make sure the CBD oil bottle is away from ovens, radiators, and other sources of heat. Also, the humidity matters too. So, keep it away from humid rooms or rooms where you keep your humidifier.

Use Clean Utensils

Whether you’re using a spoon or a dropper to take your daily CBD drops, you should always make sure that they’re clean. If bacteria from a spoon contaminate the CBD oil, it’s going to impact on the longevity of the product.

What to Do with Expired CBD Oil?

At some point, you might find yourself with an unfinished bottle of old CBD oil. You might wonder what to do with expired oil and if you should get rid of it. Since the potency of the oil has been drastically reduced, you should not use it anymore. And if the taste and texture have changed too, then even more so.

Enjoying the Benefits of Fresh CBD Oil

Some CBD manufacturers will even tell you that storing the bottles correctly is just as important as the packaging. The best way to go about this is to always store CBD oil in a dark, cool, place, and open it only when you intend to use it. Also, remember that CBD oil that has expired is very unlikely to make you sick, but it might taste a bit funny. And finally, using CBD oil before it expires will ensure that you reap all the benefits this product has to offer.

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