How to Maximise the Effects of CBD Oils

CBD Maximise Effect

CBD oils offer some pretty powerful solutions, but ensuring they’re properly delivered to your body’s cells can be a difficult proposition. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to maximise the effects and ensure you get the full benefit of CBD oils with every single dose.

Follow the Directions

It may sound a bit like primary school, but if you want the real benefit of CBD, following the directions is absolutely key. Don’t expect to simply make your own path forward and get the effects that you want to see. Instead, if you want the full power, you’ll have to look at the suggested strengths and dosage instructions before you take it. More than that, though, if there are suggested usage instructions, you’ll want to follow those as well if you want the full effect of the product. Oral CBD oil has to be carefully absorbed into the body. Squirting the wrong amount into your mouth then swallowing is not the best way to take it. Instead, you need to hold it under your tongue for at least thirty seconds. Wondering why? Below your tongue is known as the sublingual area. There are lots of salivary glands and tiny blood vessels called capillaries under it, and that’s the best way to give your body enough time to absorb the CBD so it can be transported to your body.

Consider Full-Spectrum Options

There are many different kinds of CBD products on the market today, but the most effective ones are full-spectrum products. Many researchers have found that these options tend to be the most effective ones on the market today. Full-spectrum differs from other options because all of the active cannabis compounds are inside the oil. Others just have the CBD inside. Keep in mind that cannabis has been shown to have thousands of phytocannabinoids inside, as well as terpenes and many other ingredients. All of those smaller pieces of the plant can be incredibly therapeutic, and when they work together, as they do in a full spectrum oil, you’re going to find a more potent option. That alone may help maximise the results you’ve seen in the past because you’re getting a far more powerful product with each dose.

Consider Your Diet

There are some studies that have suggested ingesting CBD with food is the right way forward. This idea has something to do with the concept of bioavailability. This refers to the amount of CBD that enters your circulatory system when it’s initially introduced so it can activate. If you eat when you take CBD, you’ll find a higher level of bioavailability because the CBD oil that you swallow has a better chance of being absorbed by your liver. Taking it on an empty stomach means you don’t have the opportunity to experience it at full potency.

Taking it with food is one thing. Taking it with the right food, though, is another thing entirely. There are also some studies that say certain foods enhance the effects, making it a far more powerful option. So, what foods make it as powerful as you want it to be? Higher fat foods tend to do the trick, and for good reason. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, and that may help it move into the bloodstream faster. You’ll want to go for healthier fats here, though. Olive oil is a great choice, as is coconut oil. Nuts tend to be high in healthy fats, as do avocados and some fish. You may also want to pair it with terpene-rich herbs like turmeric, black pepper, or rosemary to help enhance the effects. Caffeine can also help to increase absorption, which means the CBD will hit your bloodstream much sooner.

Choose Only High Quality CBD Products

The single most important tip to help maximise your experience is to stick to higher quality CBD options. The market today is absolutely flooded with choices, and you want to ensure that what you’re getting is as pure as possible. You’ll want to think about the THC levels involved – studies have shown that products with at least some THC can enhance the therapeutic effects. You’ll also want to ensure that it was grown in a good location. Know your terminology, too. When the CBD is extracted using CO2, that means no additional chemicals were involved in the processing, and that can help to preserve more of the CBD and the other cannabinoids involved. Finally, search for options that actually list the THC levels involved. You don’t want a product that makes false claims it cannot follow-up with real results.

Be Patient

CBD takes some time to build up in your system. You’ll want to take the right dose to meet your needs and stimulate your endocannabinoid system. You may want to keep a journal to log your results. Write down how much you’re taking, how you feel before and after, and any changes you notice. This journal can help you understand if you need to increase your dose or do something completely different to help enhance the effects of CBD. CBD doesn’t work like taking an over-the-counter medication. Instead, it requires a time and thought commitment to work through the long term effects.

Use the Right Type

There are many different kinds of CBD options on the market today. Think hard about your goals and what you hope to achieve, then select the right type to meet your needs. Keep in mind that a CBD muscle cream probably isn’t going to be great if you’re looking for help with your anxiety, so select a type that is proven to meet your goals.

The Bottom Line

CBD research is continually progressing on a regular basis. As a result, there are all kinds of things that you can do to help maximise the effects of your daily routine. Understanding how to use the product you’ve chosen and continually understanding the changing field is the best way to make sure you’re getting all of the possible effects with every dose you take.

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