How to Properly Store Your CBD Oil?

How to Store CBD Oil

CBD products, much like other natural remedies, tend to degrade if stored improperly. As a CBD oil user, you may be wondering how to store the product to ensure it provides the best possible results.

If you’re looking for tips on how to store your CBD oil properly, you’ve come to the right spot. This article explains everything you should know about how to store cannabis oil, answers the does hemp oil have to be a refrigerated question, and reveals the best way to store distillate.

How to Store CBD Oil?

There are three critical elements to consider when it comes to CBD oil storage, regardless of the type: light, air, and temperature.

  • Light

Sunlight comprises infrared and UV rays, with the latter being bad for our skin and the products we consume. They can contribute to the breakdown of cannabidiol, which is why you want to store your CBD oil away from sunlight. You can place it in a drawer, cupboard, or any other dark, cool place in the kitchen.

  • Air

Air comprises complex molecules, including oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. They all react with CBD, and too much oxygen can deteriorate the oil quality. You want to store your CBD oil in a closed receptacle, such as an airtight container. Most manufacturers pack their products carefully, but being extra careful about this won’t hurt.

  • Temperature

Temperature is another critical factor to consider when storing CBD. In short, high temperatures can break down essential CBD molecules, which is why the product should be kept at lower temperatures. Since many consumers ask questions such as does hemp oil need to be refrigerated after opening, we’ll provide an answer in a separate section.

Does Hemp Oil Have to Be Refrigerated?

Fridges are cold, dark, and airtight, so keeping your CBD oil in the refrigerator is the best way to store it. The ideal temperature for storing CBD oil is below 21°C. Lower temperatures prevent important terpenes and other cannabinoids from deteriorating.

However, if you store the product in the fridge for too long, it may start to separate. Don’t worry, though – this is a normal reaction to cold, and it doesn’t damage the CBD oil quality. All it takes to fix this is to give it a vigorous shake before application.

If you consider storing the product long-term, freezing is also possible. CBD oil has a relatively long shelf life, but freezing and unfreezing it too often isn’t the most effective option.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “does hemp oil have to be refrigerated?” you now have the answer. But what about refrigerating the product after opening?

Does Hemp Oil Need to Be Refrigerated After Opening?

Hemp oil is best kept in the refrigerator, but do you need to keep it thereafter opening? Storing hemp oil is easy, but it’s still a perishable product that won’t last forever. If stored properly, you should be able to use it for between six months and two years after opening. This means refrigerating the product, keeping it away from sunlight.

If you live in a warmer area, it’s recommended to keep the product in your fridge after opening. Those living in cooler places where the indoor temperature exceeds 21°C should keep the oil outside the refrigerator but away from direct sunlight.

If the oil has started to change colour or gets darker, know that it’s still safe to use, but it may be weaker. If you believe your CBD oil was contaminated or damaged, it’s best to replace it. Always read the label and check its “best before” date to learn details about how long you can store it.

Best Way to Store Distillate

If you add distillate to your food or products, it’s best to heat it first. Hence, it’s best to store it in stainless steel containers or other boxes that can be heated.

You need constant heat to make the product malleable, which is why plastic is a bad idea. Use the glass or stainless-steel containers to melt the distillate without risking the containers melting with the product.

Storing CBD Oil by Product Type

Here’s a short guide on how to properly store different types of CBD oil.

  • Capsules

CBD capsules don’t require the same storage type as loose oil. They come with an added layer of protection and can be stored in lightproof containers.

  • Supplements

Supplements can be stored in dark places away from UV light and can be refrigerated just to be safe.

  • Creams

Creams are typically designed for long-term storage but are best stored in cool, dark places.

Storing Hemp Oil Explained

Regardless of the type of CBD oil, make sure to stick to the guidelines provided when it comes to storing hemp oil. Make sure your product is kept in a dark, cool, and airtight place to maximise its shelf life. Now you know the answers to questions like how to store cannabis oil, does hemp oil needs to be refrigerated after opening, best way to store distillate, you’ll know how to store your CBD oil properly.

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