The Basics of CBD Dosage

Opinions regarding the uses of cannabis have changed in recent years. But even though the CBD compound found in the plant doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, it’s still frowned upon by many.

As CBD is becoming increasingly popular and as people are slowly getting comfortable with the idea of trying it, the various benefits are more widely established. However, the CBD oil dosage still remains a greatly talked-about subject. People are wondering how much CBD to take for whatever ailment or purpose.

In this entry, we’re going to dive deeper into the world of CBD dosage, how to take CBD oil, and various other CBD-related subjects.

Does a Standard Exist?

There is no official CBD dosage chart available out there. The FDA and the MHRA have yet to recommend the exact daily recommended CBD dosage. In other words, CBD doesn’t have an officially recommended “serving size.”

To make things more confusing, the companies that make CBD products often use “a dropper-full” as the recommended CBD oil dosage. Not only is this recommendation unofficial, but most bottles have unmarked droppers, which sometimes don’t even fill to the top. Then, there’s the factor of different CBD amounts for different ailments. For instance, the CBD oil dosage for anxiety isn’t equal to the CBD dosage for pain. Different ailments benefit from different dosages.

But let’s say that the dropper-full is a standard that isn’t confusing (which it is). And let’s say that the government agencies have confirmed a dropper-full as a recommended CBD oil dosage (which they haven’t). And, finally, let’s say that we know the dosage that each ailment requires (which we don’t). There are three factors that we still haven’t taken into account:

  • Individual body chemistry
  • Individual constitution
  • CBD product potency

In a nutshell, the answer to the question of why a standard for CBD dosage doesn’t exist lies in the fact that there are so many different factors to consider.

Trial and Error

There is no easy tutorial on how to take CBD oil or how much CBD to take. The adequate CBD dosage for whatever you’re planning to achieve depends on various factors. So, the trial and error method is probably the safest way to go. There are three steps that will help you figure the perfect CBD oil dosage for your needs.

1.      Bodyweight Consideration

Start by referencing your bodyweight. Depending on this, the amount of CBD you take can have from none to severe effects. You’ll want to keep the severity of CBD in the “medium category” range. For instance, if you’re 46-85lbs, a dose of 9mg will have little or no effect. Up the dose to 15mg, and the effects may become severe. On the other hand, a person weighing 151-240lbs is unlikely to feel anything below 18mg. There’s a CBD dosage chart that can help you out here.

  • People under 25lbs – 4.5mg for none-mild effects, 6mg for medium effects, 9mg and more for severe effects
  • People 26-45lbs – 6mg for none-mild effects, 9mg for medium effects, 12mg and more for severe effects
  • People 46-85lbs –9mg for none-mild effects, 12mg for medium effects, 15mg and more for severe effects
  • People 86-150lbs – 12mg for none-mild effects, 15mg for medium effects, 18mg and more for severe effects
  • People 151-240lbs – 18mg for none-mild effects, 22.5mg for medium effects, 27mg and more for severe effects
  • People over 241lbs – 22.5mg for none-mild effects, 30mg for medium effects, 45mg and more for severe effects

Keep in mind that this CBD dosage chart is based on approximation. It can still depend on various other factors.

2.      Starting Low

The best way to figure out how much CBD to take is to start with a low CBD dosage. Our bodies and metabolisms function differently when compared to one another, and not just based on our individual weight. Figuring out how your body reacts to CBD, however, isn’t as simple as standing on scales. Listening to your good buddy won’t work here either, even if the two of you are of the same constitution.

Starting with a low CBD dosage is the right way to go. Reference the weight CBD chart above and start with the amount for none-mild effects. Listen to your body and gauge its reaction to the substance. Then, slowly increase the dosage each time you take CBD. This doesn’t mean that you should add to the dosage after use. Wait at least a day before consuming more CBD. If you haven’t used it before, always start with a beginner dose of CBD.

3.      Consult a Doctor

Before you move on to planning how much CBD to take, before you consult a CBD benefits chart, and before you take your first beginner dose of CBD, you should definitely check in with a professional. Using a CBD dosage calculator is acceptable, but only after you’ve consulted with a healthcare professional. This goes especially for people who have existing medical conditions.

The recommended CBD dosage for pain isn’t the same as the recommended CBD oil dosage for anxiety. These are two very different ailments. Some doctors can tell you how to take CBD oil drops, for instance. They should also be able to explain the consequences of taking too much CBD.

Measuring CBD Dosages

Knowing the perfect CBD dosage for you with regards to every potential ailment is one thing. But even the best CBD dosage chart and the most precise CBD dosage calculator in the world can’t help you determine exactly how much CBD is in a CBD product. There is no such thing as a CBD tincture calculator. In reality, it varies from CBD product to CBD product. This is why you should always look for a CBD dosage chart before buying a product.

In other words, a CBD chart that tells you about the dosage of CBD, or how many milligrams are in a drop of the product.

Again, keep in mind that, although an online CBD dosage calculator can help inform you of average CBD dosages, it doesn’t mean much in terms of various CBD products. There isn’t a tincture calculator out there, either, at least not one that you can rely on.Instead of googling “CBD dosage for pain,” “CBD dosage for anxiety,” or “CBD dosage calculator,” find out the brand’s dosage per droplet and start low.

Taking too much CBD, even in extremely high doses, isn’t life-threatening. Still, you should perform careful measurements. Even if you’re taking a certain CBD oil dosage for anxiety, you should start low and opt for steady increases.

CBD Tongue Drops – What Are They?

The best way to take CBD oil is as CBD tongue drops. What are they? Simply put, CBD tongue drops are taken in liquid drop form and applied under the tongue. This is officially referred to as “sublingual use.” Place the drops underneath your tongue, and hold for around 60-90 seconds before swallowing.

You shouldn’t take higher doses and then hold them for a shorter amount of time. The only variable here should be how many milligrams are in a drop of the particular product that you’re using. As previously instructed, use the manufacturer’s CBD chart to figure out the perfect dosage.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

As explained throughout the text, there is no right amount for general CBD dosage. However, the amount of CBD necessary to alleviate anxiety is generally lower than the amount of CBD required to treat inflammation and pain symptoms. So, the recommended CBD dosage for anxiety is likely along the lines of the low numbers in the weight chart outlined above.

Severe pain treatment, on the other hand, can start with medium effect recommendations. Of course, a healthcare professional should monitor your intake. Do whatever you can to avoid taking too much CBD to avoid discomfort and other mild complications.

How Many Mg of Hemp Oil Should I Take?

Let’s compare hemp oil drops to CBD tongue drops. What are they? Hemp oil is often equated with CBD oil, but the two are very different. For one, hemp oil contains little or no CBD in its table of contents. Many studies claim that everything between 20 and 1,500mg of hemp oil is safe and beneficial for the human body. We can’t speak with regards to this, as we mostly deal with CBD oil.

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are not to be confused with CBD oil tinctures. In fact, cannabis tinctures are cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages. Making these can turn out to be a fun DIY project. However, you’re going to have to consult two tools to do this: a cannabis tincture potency calculator and a cannabis weight chart.

Seeing as how you’re going to be adding a certain amount of cannabis product, a cannabis weight chart will help you determine the exact amounts. Then, an online cannabis tincture potency calculator will allow you to determine exactly how much CBD, THC, and alcohol to put into the concoction.

In addition to the cannabis weight chart, you’re going to need a precise digital pocket scale for low-weight items.

What Does CBD Oil Mean for Health?

If you consult any CBD benefits chart available online, you’ll quickly understand the vast health potential of CBD oil in general. CBD is very effective for treating various psychological and physical problems in people. The number of testimonials is vast, to say the least. Still, consulting a healthcare professional goes without saying.

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